Ecstatic Peace Dance in Fort Worth

What is Ecstatic Peace Dance?

Ecstatic Peace Dance combines meditation and free-form dancing, for the purposes of self-expression, stress relief and personal peace-making while holding intentions of peace for our larger community in a shared, safe space. Ecstatic Peace Dance is a place in which we create the community we want to see in the world; big-hearted acceptance, great celebration, and grateful feet.

What takes place?

The event opens with a relaxing warm-up and group meditation. Next, the floor opens for dee-jayed dance time during which attendees dance as they like, respecting the space of other participants, without conversation or direction. Many of us move with our eyes closed at least part of the time. Move as you feel like without worries – we aren’t watching – we’re too busy getting our own ecstatic peace on. Participants may join or step off the dance floor as needed during the event time, 7:30 – 9:00 pm.

Who is it for?

You, your relatives, friends and neighbors. Ecstatic Peace Dance is a drug and alcohol-free arena open to anyone who comes with the intent of finding and sharing peace.

What about children?

Caretakers should consider whether or not their child is able to participate within the parameters of Ecstatic Peace Dance, given that there is generally no talking on the dance floor and partner participation occurs by silently signaled agreement.  Children who are able to uphold these guidelines and maintain the desired community ambiance are welcome.

What should I wear and bring?

Wear clothing that is comfortable to move in. Participants dance barefoot, without shoes or socks. Bring water and have in mind whatever intentions toward peace you’d like. Are you dancing for stress relief? For increased harmony among family members? For better relations at work? Bring it all.


                                                                    So, what should I do?

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Entry is $15. Pay by cash or card at the door.

7:30 – 8:45 pm
Unity Event Center – Johnson Hall
5401 Woodway Drive, Fort Worth 76133



From I-20/SW 820 in Fort Worth take Trail Lake Drive exit and go south on Trail Lake Drive.

Trail Lake Drive merges into Woodway Drive. Unity Event Center is on the left. After you pass the sign for the event center turn left into the parking lot.