this is a little book I bought, inspired by the Hawaiian vibe on the cover. Ho’ oponopono is a Hawaiian forgiveness practice that turns one’s attention inward, to heal the “sins” that appear in others. I had the opportunity to try it out during a weekend getaway. I spent about 15 minutes in the morning and then went out to have fun with my family.

Later, my hubby looked at me and asked, “Have you lost weight?”

Right. This is after a vacation diet consisting of “ I’ll-take-it-if-it’s-fried” pit stops, food truck treats and cocktails.  “No.” I answered and attributed my lean look to the black shirt I was wearing (which he‘s seen me in many times before).

“But waitaminute,” I thought to myself as we headed for the next tourist attraction (you guessed it…a restaurant)  “maybe I did lose weight today….kinda. I had let go of some hard feelings, some resentment – stuff not normally calculated by the pound but I HAD  actually shed a few …somethings. And IT WAS SHOWING??? Woohoo!!!”

So…in consideration of the current emotional climate…we are coming together. red, blue, green, or purple, to drop it all.

Resentment?  Anger?  Bitterness? You name it, we’re losin’ it.

To your lightness of being,
 Dayle Paz