Ever feel like you are failing to meet your goals? The ones you set at New Year or otherwise?


Not only is it embarrassing to yourself – all that planning, pledging, and getting revved up, only to hit ‘the floor.’ The disappointment can put a damper on other plans or projects we hope to achieve.


This year I’ve decided (since it’s all mine for the thinking anyway) that I can just StOp the self-shaming. In fact, I’ve revamped my measurement tool completely.


Instead of asking “did I reach my goal?” I’m asking: Did I GO-All?


As in, “Throughout this particular project, did I Go-ALL in leaning on my intuition?”

Did I Go-ALL in connecting and communicating with others?

Did I GO-ALL in learning something new?


If yes, then it’s a “win” no matter the outcome. – even if I hit the carpet. Because my GOALS are now GO-ALLS in whatever the particular venture is.


So, consider yourself invited. To recalibrate your goals according to the deep, internal values you desire to reflect this year. And to go-all in expressing them..and appreciating yourself for expressing them. Whether you make the ledge, or hit the carpet.

Ah yes, things down here on ‘the floor’ are going to look different this year –  purr-fectly perfect…